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Honorary Guest 2016 – Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden truly exemplifies today’s modern working woman. An award-winning journalist, best-selling author, motivational speaker, successful entrepreneur, one of America’s most recognized and trusted television personalities, this mom of seven continues to do it all. As host of Good Morning America for nearly two decades, Lunden brought insight to top issues for millions of Americans each day. The longest-running host ever on early morning television, Lunden reported from 26 countries, covered 4 presidents and 5 Olympics and kept Americans up-to-date on how to care for their homes, their families and themselves.
With her keen interest in family, health, and wellness, Joan Lunden has continued to be a reassuring and informative presence in American homes for more than 30 years. With that passion and journalistic trust, Lunden has created a brand dedicated to helping families live easier, happier, and healthier lives.
Lunden has served as national spokesperson for various organizations, such as The American Heart Association, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, The American Lung Association, The American Red Cross, The American Academy of Pediatrics, and The Colon Cancer Alliance. She speaks regularly around the country about health and wellness, parenting, success and balance in life.
One of the most visible women in America, Lunden has graced the covers of more than 40 magazines and book covers. Her books include Growing Up Healthy: Protecting Your Child From Diseases Now Through Adulthood; Wake-Up Calls; A Bend In The Road Is Not The End Of The Road; Joan Lunden’s Healthy Living; Joan Lunden’s Healthy Cooking; Mother’s Minutes Your Newborn Baby; and Good Morning, I’m Joan Lunden.

Honorary Guest 2015 – The Kelly Family

The Kelly Family

The Kelly Family has faced cancer with strength and resilience, and by sharing their story, they have inspired countless patients and their families.
Jim, a Hall of Fame quarterback and former Buffalo Bill, was diagnosed with oral cancer in 2013. His wife, Jill, and his two daughters, Erin, 20, and Camryn, 16, rallied around him and stood by his side through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.
“Every time my wife, my daughters and brothers walked into my hospital room, they walked in with a positive attitude, and that made me feel better that day,” Jim said.
Jim came up with his own personal motto that became his guiding principle throughout his illness: Make a difference today for someone who is fighting tomorrow.
The entire Kelly family has certainly done just that.
Throughout Jim’s cancer journey, Jill, Erin and Camryn shared the ups and downs of his treatment through social media, news interviews and speaking engagements. Their honesty helped spread awareness of the disease and inspired others who were facing similar battles.
The saying “Kelly Tough,” which became popular when Jim was playing in the National Football League, became a symbol of the family’s perseverance and a mantra for many other patients and their family members.
In honor of the inspirational slogan, Erin and Jill wrote a book, “Kelly Tough,” chronicling the family’s perseverance. The book shares what the saying has meant to the family through the many challenges they’ve faced — including the loss of Hunter, Jim and Jill’s son who suffered from a rare genetic disease and passed away at the young age of 8.
“Everyone has their own story, their own struggles,” Erin said. “My hope is that ‘Kelly Tough’ encourages someone else going through hard circumstances.”
Today, Jim is cancer free. The family is enjoying spending time together — time they are grateful to have. Camryn is getting ready for her junior year of high school, while Erin prepares for her junior year of college.
And the family is also continuing to be champions of the cancer cause — encouraging patients everywhere to be “Kelly Tough.”